To be the umbrella organization for Nigerian-Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs, providing strategic alliance with national businesses in Canada, Nigeria and agencies that share our interest.


As a group we strive towards making the following happen:

  1. To create a national umbrella organization, with regional representation of Nigerian Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Canada, including alliances with not-for-profit organizations and Government establishments that support economic, educational, social and cultural programs amongst Nigerian communities in Nigeria and Canada.
  2. Provide a platform for professionals and business networking among Nigerian in Canada with focus on skill development, business opportunities and economic empowerment.
  3. To provide a forum for members to dialogue and create productive ideas with local and international commerce.
  4. To mobilize Nigerian communities in Canada to create and support a multi-faceted Diaspora program that provides effective, economic, social and political empowerment; inclusive of youth and women
  5. To initiate and promote mutually beneficial relationships between Canada, Nigeria and organizations who share ANCPE objectives through dialog, and to work collaboratively with policy makers to improve the well-being of ANCPE members.
  6. To serve as a medium for liaison amongst Nigerian Canadian professionals, Nigerian and Canadian governments to create and support initiatives that will provide effective economic and social development
  7. To facilitate programs that will encourage contacts and networking amongst ANCPE members, Nigerian government, voluntary organizations and businesses for the purpose of skills and talent discovery that will enable ANCPE members contribute their talents, expertise, and resources towards nation building and the development of Nigeria.
  8. To partners with Nigerian Community, Professional Organizations, government agencies and businesses with interest in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), professional networking, educational support and skills transfer to Nigeria.
  9. To facilitate mentorship, community engagement and other programs that will help Nigerian immigrants integrate faster into the society and pursue their dreams.
  10. To engage and mobilize support for effective consular services for Nigerians in Canada