As an ANCPE member, you get a host of benefits to support the growth of our community and its success. Below you will find some of these opportunities.

  • Get the opportunity to contribute to Nigeria’s economic development.
  • Get first-hand information on opportunities communicated from Nigeria
  • Get invitations to regular investment forums and events.
  • Receive regular newsletters on issues affecting Nigerians in Canada.
  • Be part of an organization with a vision to move Nigeria forward.
  • You get special invitations to our networking, educational and social opportunities. You also get a chance to showcase your talents or skills at any of our events.
  • You become part of a vibrant community with aspirations to excel, make a difference and become leaders of tomorrow
  • To encourage and assist Nigerians who wish to return to Nigeria permanently, and to dissuade skilled Nigerians from emigrating from Nigeria, thereby helping to stem further brain drain.
  • Having a good mentor can be invaluable. As a member, you get the opportunity to get connected with a mentor who can help you to reach your potential.Join us to become a recipient of the support which we offer our members through regular advice sessions, sign-posting to relevant services, opportunities and events.